3MOS Full HD Remote Camera with High Sensitivity

Micro Camera System with High Resolution up to 1000 TV lines

  • 1/3 inch Full HD micro camera head
  • Medical Electrical Standard IEC60601*
  • Excellent color reproduction
  • HDMI & HD-SDI video outputs
  • Ease of implementation in a variety of applications

The Full HD micro camera GP-UH332 demonstrates a resolution of up to 1000 TV lines. Therefore, impressively clear images can be achieved. The micro camera head GP-UH332H provides high sensitivity at F11 (2000lx). Due to the small size of the 1/3 inch image sensor, the micro camera head can easily be integrated in a variety of applications.

High Colour Reproduction

One of the unique features of the 3 chip camera implies a superb color separation into the channels red, blue and green. Therefore, the GP-UH332 provides faithful colors for various implementation possibilities.

Ex Zoom

For precise close up, the camera enables an ex zoom feature. Details can be reviewed without a loss of resolution.

System control and operation

The Full HD micro camera can also be controlled via a user friendly OSD on-screen menu. Parameters and settings as presets can easily be secured. It can additionally be controlled via a MS Windows compatible GUI software

Medical Electrical Standard

The GP-UH332 system can be applied in a variety of medical devices and procedures as it compliant with the Medical Electrical Standard IEC60601 ( IEC60601-1 / IEC-60601-1-2). Chemical resistance coating prevents the system from deterioration of resin portion and peeling of coating if the equipment is wiped with chemicals, such as alcohol.